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About This Site
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Welcome to World Trade Search! This site is designed as your one stop shopping location for trade between the west and the orient. In particular, we are focused on providing the most extensive online database of Asian, American, and European companies.

WTS presents the Trading Zone where you can post and read buy & sell notices. Are you looking to acquire or sell a particular product or service? The Trading Zone may be just the thing for you!

Here are directions for how to make WTS your home page!

We have added the Trading Zone, to facilitate world trade. We encourage you to visit it!

We continue to receive positive feedback and recommendation from our users:

Thank You for the prompt adding of my Dracula Tours corporate listing to the World Trade Search business directory. My listing become available for searching within 24 hours as promised. It is my belief that a business that honors its commitments will without a doubt succeed.
Daniel O. Dragos

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  • Our new Trading Zone page allows you to read and post inquiries about products and services that you need to acquire and/or sell. This exciting new feature further facilitates world trade here at!
  • Add your company to WTS so that we can promote your business. It's totally FREE!
  • We are offering a "No Security Deposit Visa Card" service to our members and visitors. Click here to apply or to get more information.
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Other Resources
  • Free multi-language translation service! WordSniffer is offering a free trial of their TurboDictionary multi-language dictionary lookup service. No sign-up is necessary. Try it out!

  • Buy and Sell Postings: Do you have products and services for sale? Or do you need to locate a particular product or service? Our Trading Zone page allows you to purchase buy and sell postings! Give it a try. It may be just what you're looking for.


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